So I subscribed to HBONow and the knee-jerk reaction is to binge-watch #GameofThrones

Since it’s been a while since I last watched the GOT, I decided to start at the very beginning.

I must say that after the fourth season, I didn’t really enjoy it much.

The story line is getting rather stale since all decisions are made out of greed, arrogance or ignorance and the formula seems pretty clear. And just about the time a character is about to change she/he gets killed.

The tits and ass that kept me intrigued in lieu of a good story line have pretty much gone by the way side since season five or six.

I’m not exactly on pins and needles waiting for season 8 but when it does get here, I will watch and be glad it’s the last one.

Although I’ll probably watch whatever spin off shows they come up with.

Deadwood seems interesting…



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