Things I learned today in the darkroom… #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #photography #ilovefilm

Things I learned today in the darkroom:

1. those Home Depot “devolping” trays aren’t half bad.

2. developing bigger photos means a lot more chems…ooof!!! I have to stock up.

3. not all photo paper is the same

4. not all paper developer is the same

5. I’m not anal but it looks like I like getting certain things right with photographs

6. contrast filters are a thing… a big thing, hahaha

7. not sure I’m a fiber paper guy…

8. the cost of paper might be the end of me, hahaha

9. I never really doubted it before but now I truly appreciate the art of darkroom printing and those who’ve mastered it

10. I get hungry after 6 hours in the darkroom… really hungry

11. I really need a good easel or need to make different masks out of mat board

12. I have just enough room to print 16×20

13. eventually I will need a bigger enlarger, hahaha

14. having a plan of attack is a good idea

15. got to wear good shoes and an apron for these long sessions

16. the red safety filter on the enlarger is really handy

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