Interesting weekend craiglisting…

An interesting Craiglist weekend. I wanted a moderately priced mat cutter for the weekend so I went on the to find one. The mat cutter I want costs about $100 new. I found a similar one for $55. The lady originally wanted to meet somewhere that was about 40 minutes from me. I agreed to meet her since I thought I was getting a hell of a deal. She calls back a few minutes later and says she will be in my area in a few hours. I thought this deal is getting better by the minute. Now is where it starts to get interesting. We had agreed on a time which gave me plenty of time for lunch. She calls me while I’m eating and says that she is at the agreed to location but she can only wait for a few minutes because she has another place she needs to me in a half hour. Now the place she mentioned she needed to be at is over a half hour drive from the spot we were to meet. I thought nothing of it at the time and continued to the meet up. Luckily I was only five minutes away. When I got there she had two mat cutters that she wanted to sell and both were in shit condition. The one I wanted was in pretty beat up shape but it still functions if it had all the pieces. She tried to tell me that it was complete. I told here it needed the main piece which is the actual cutter. She pointed at a piece of plastic and said that was it. Being polite I told here that didn’t look like the right piece. She then starts asking her partner on the time because they needed to get to the place “before it closes.” Never mind that they were never going to make it there anyway. She was trying to pressure me into buying a bunch of crap. She was getting a little agitated because I was looking through the entire bag of shit she brought for this thing and could not find the piece. She did bring the instruction booklet and as I pulled it out to see, she remarks, “What? Are you trying to see if all the parts are there? I just told you…” “That! That piece is what we need,” I cut her off. She lied again and tried to tell me the piece in her hand was the cutter which look nothing like the picture in the booklet. I was livid that she just lied to me like I’m some fucking moron but I just thanked her for her time and wished them both a great weekend. “I guess we came all the way here for nothing.” She slammed her little hatch back door and they left. Compare that to a couple of days later when I met up with a guy that had a pristine enlarging easel for a fraction of the price. Sure I had to drive to where the road runners and coyotes roam but it was worth the drive. No bullshit. No attitude. Great deal. All craiglist transactions should be like this. Fucking flakes…

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