OTP: Thoughts on film photography Part 1

I decided to start a little off-shoot to the TCR podcast to talk more about photography. I want the main podcast to be more of the creative process in the universal sense and not be specific to photography. However, as I grow more and more frustrated with the information and format of the analog film podcasts out there, I decided to rather than rant and rave about it, to start my own little thing here.

I’m not going to be broadcasting this portion of the podcast but rather just have the audio link available here to those that would like to tune in.

This first episode is just a little rant about film photography and how it could be so much more than a hipster movement.

Thanks for listening.

By the way, I’m not sure if “OTP” means “Off Topic Podcast” or “Other Than Podcast.” hahaha


Today’s Lesson

Close eyes.



Think only tree.

Make a perfect picture down to last pine needle.

Wipe your mind clean.

Everything but the tree.

Nothing exists in whole world.

Only tree.

You got it?

Open eyes.

Remember picture?

Make like picture.

Just trust the picture.

How do I know my picture’s the right one?

If come from inside you, always the right one.

-Mr. Miyagi