TCR #28 – Johnny Medina

Episode #28
Conversation with Johnny Medina @JohnnyBlakSox
We dive deep into the importance of family, staying true to your vibe, the importance of art shows, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable physical and emotional pain when he lost his leg. This and many, many other topics.

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TCR #27 – Emily Hammock and Chaney B. Jones

Episode #27
Conversation with Emily Hammock and Chaney B. Jones.
We get really deep into spirituality, the importance of everything being valid, and being excited and motivted to make real changes in one’s life.
Really deep stuff here.
Chaney has written a book: The Nature of Thoughts available on Amazon.
For more information please visit his site:
His IG: @ChaneyBJones

Emily is a model and now a practicing Reiki therapist who has started a spiritual journey through astrology. I was able to meet Chaney through her and we share how some of her life experiences have set her on this path.
Emily IG: @EmmysBlock

The Common Rule Podcast
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End of an Era…

I want to talk to you about loyalty, dedication, and durability.

This machine is over seven years old and helped build a company with less than 20 employees into a company with over 250 in seven years.

It did the work of what is now an entire third floor including the mail room.

It is the last of the original computers bought by the company.

It might now need to be replaced.

My trusty magic box is finding hard to keep up with all the new apps.

I suggested an adequate farewell much like a Darth Vader funeral pyre at the end of Return of the Jedi but some also suggested it be enshrined in a company museum. Either way it would be an appropriate send off.

Thank you CCCDSK005 for all your hard work. May you dream peacefully of electric sheep in perpetuity.