I had the most amazing surreal dream last night…

Bruce Lee vs Bruce Lee in open desert/ forest One is completely naked Started watching as a movie in a cave temple People sat around the courtyard to watch the movie but it turned into real life fight that took forever and spilled out of the cave temple and into some of the most surreal and beautiful scenery that was a combination of the Sahara Desert and the Amazon Jungle but finally the clothed Bruce killed naked Bruce by choking him from a top dominate position as  I filmed everything on my cell walking backwards because the sun was setting and it was amazing Trees and desert landscape but I had to be careful not to walk into the boiling water of the geyser at Yellowstone which was going absolutely nuts Had to get through on my knee scooter which was built to handle dirt roads because I modified it like I wanted to in real life with oversized all terrain tires Had to time the geyser so I wouldn’t get burnt and it acted like a lawn sprinkler Got through but did get a splash of boiling water but was ok Met a lady down the dirt path a bit who wanted to tell me about her husband just out of the blue I told her to enjoy her trip and to check out Old Faithful because it’s going crazy she said she would After what seems forever going through these desert and forest landscapes I end up at a halfway point diner that serves BBQ and southern soul food Huge dinner I sit in a huge booth and Paul McCartney sits next to me but I act like I don’t know him because I don’t want to come off like a fan boy He gets up and actually does a set at this halfway point diner and while he’s doing his set Sting comes and sits next to me to watch the show I say hey but again act like I don’t know him Set is done and Paul walks back over to sit next to me and Sting moves to sit on the floor next to him Paul says nothing until I finally say nice set and he starts talking asking if I was here to see him I said no that I just happen to get lucky that I was actually here to do something else and didn’t even know this place existed Since the ice broke I asked Sting if he was going on next He said no he was just stopping by at that point Paul gets up to allow Sting to slide back into the booth so he sits next to me and Paul sits back down and I start in on the questions I told them it was so hard at first because I didn’t want to bother them They said I seemed nice enough and to ask away So I did I asked Sting something about what he’s listening to now and he cracked some sort of inside joke with Paul about aural sensory instrumentation sound tracks and they both started laughing hysterically I don’t remember what I asked Paul but we all started laughing again I got hungry and wanted a burger because I saw Sam Elliot at the next booth order one I couldn’t really get up so a cowboy behind me asked what I want on my burger and if I wanted fries because he was about to send his son over to place an order I asked if he was sure He was totally cool said not to worry it was on him I remember knowing I couldn’t stay much longer because I had another 4 hours on my trip and my brother and nephew were waiting for me at the roadside motel we got for the vacation
I woke up to go pee

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