D’s Secret Abuelita Hot Chocolate Coffee Recipe

OK, maybe not so secret but it is something I came up with and will share with you lovely readers. It’s a quicker way of heating up Abuelita hot chocolate in a microwave instead of the stovetop.

This is for a single serving of hot chocolate.

Use a 16oz mason jar [or other microwavable container that can be sealed with a lid] add 8oz to 10oz of milk with 1/4 of the circle of Abuelita (or Ibarra) chocolate.

The box instructions call for a 1/4 of the circle per cup but I find that an 1/8th of the circle is sweet enough for my tastes especially with coffee. It can be easily cut with a big knife.

You’re going to have to figure out your microwave but I find that in my 1,000 watt microwave 10oz of milk heats up real nice in 2:20. Heat up your milk and chocolate without the lid.

After the milk and chocolate is heated up nice and hot, using gloves, mitts, or a good kitchen towel, I tighten up the lid on the mason jar and shake it up real nice to make sure the chocolate dissolves. I usually cover the entire jar with the towel as I shake it to avoid spills.

I add that to my waiting coffee in an oversized mug to make about 20oz of magic.

Voila! Hope this helps you get through the holidays.

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