Could this be my new film scanner? I’ve had this little gal for about 7 years and always find great uses for it even today.

I bought the Canon G15 used about seven years ago because I wanted a nice point and shoot camera that shot in RAW so I could carry around all over town. The fact that it could take video at 1080p was an added bonus that I am using more and more every day.

I’m not going to go over the specs. There are plenty of other sources you can find on this little camera but one thing that I have yet to seen it used for is scanning film.

The current trend is photographing your backlit negatives using a macro lens on a DSLR and converting (or better yet inverting them) using Lightroom or Photoshop. Once inverted you can manipulate your images as normal.

I’ve test the G15 with black and white film today and was pretty happy with the outcome. The biggest advantage I can thing of is the very portability of the G15. It’s not big and clunky and shoots in raw and because of its size and weight it’s easier to set up.

The biggest draw back is just size but I’m not really worried about that. While I do plan on printing images from this scanning technique, I am not looking for super oversized prints right now.

My main concern as far a size goes is getting a digital negative print no larger than 16×20 since that is what I’m basically limited to in my darkroom. Yup I said darkroom.

I plant to print up transparencies and making contact prints. I’m printing on most Fiber and RC paper, I plan on making platinum palladium prints a part of my portfolio as well as cyanotype prints.

Most of the transparencies I plan on printing are going to be 8×10 but no bigger than 13×17 or so. The G15 should easily be able to handle that but I will know for sure once I get going on that project.

My next step now is finding an adequate printer that won’t break the bank but that’s going to be a tall order. I’m hoping I will find a company in town that will be able to handle printing on transparent material for a very reasonable price. That and the added issued that I want to print erotic nudes as well, hahaha. Doubt that will go over well.

I will keep posting on this project as I move forward for any that are interested.

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